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Sun Halo with C8 Celestron Telescope. Mt Victoria Wellington New Zealand. more

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Ruapehu view North toward Taumarunui

Ruapehu view North toward Taumarunui

Ruapehu view North toward Table Mountain

craters of the moon sky cloud irisation

craters of the moon

Muriwai rocks drama

Piha beach sunset

ridges of intrigue

Piha beach sunset

a 22 deg sun halo  over Auckland 19th April 2006
very subtle and fading in and out

and then the sun dog (parhelia)
appeared at 3:06pm NZST

looking closer at the bright dog

by 3:10 it had faded away

although a fabulous CZA (circumzenithal arc) appeared, it was very bright and colourful


looking closer at the CZA

The Moon and Jupiter rising at Taupo, NZ
15th April 2006


22 deg sun halo at Turangi, NZ
15th April 2006

Taniwharau in Lake Taupo, NZ
15th April 2006 photo and art by Paul Moss


New TODAY!!  thanks:

wednesday late afternoon, outside Te Papa, a special showing with Ray and I
manic in th traffic, stand at that shadow, grab a few shots, run to another..

New!!  thanks:  this month.. (feb 06)

photo of cloud irisation by Tony Travaglia Oamaru NZ Feb 2006 more
"..I thought I would send you one of the latest cloud shots...Irisation of the cirrus clouds with a bit of , well it looks like the surface of glass or water, quite bizarre but beautiful.. "

and my first cloud irisation photos:

photo by Paul Moss Feb 2006
Wandering around the Festival of the Arts late friday afternoon, lots of visual candy, natural and man made. more



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